FGM exists to enhance communities by creating quality environments.

This core purpose expressly defines why we practice and implies how we practice. We strive to produce architecture that adds positively to a community. We do so through collaboration and continuous exploration and education.

FGM projects are central to communities. Many times these buildings are in our own communities. But whether in our own community or one close by, we feel our obligation to always deliver the best. We design every educational building as if our children were being educated in it, every police and fire facility as if it were protecting our family and every city hall as if it were the symbol of where we live. Our involvement reaches beyond the work we do. The great majority of our staff members are actively involved in their communities, volunteering time and expertise on many worthwhile endeavors.

Our Culture is One of Involvement:

  • Involvement in creating buildings
  • Involvement with activities that happen in and around them
  • Involvement with each other


Collaboration takes place with our clients and among our staff at all levels. We collaborate with our clients to learn their goals and parameters, so we may deliver a project that works for them. We collaborate, too, within FGM to find project solutions and to shape the firm from a shared vision.

Our people are our most valuable resource; their varied backgrounds broaden our vision. We balance experience with energy and expertise with enthusiasm to continually educate each other in trends and techniques. FGM is an employee-owned firm, and our people—each and every one—are highly invested in making FGM the best it can be.